30Hands Learning

Thank you to 30Hands Learning for their generous support of the Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. 30Hands Learning will be hosting some great sessions at MADPC including discussions about flipped classrooms, project based learning, using an LMS for collaborative learning, and digital storytelling.

30Hands Learning

30hands Learning develops web and mobile applications geared at getting students to THINK and CREATE and making a teacher’s job easier. Our user experiences are designed to be intuitive and highly effective, in order to save time for teachers and better engage students. Read more: http://30hands.com

30hands Cloud is a platform for online and blended learning that merges personalized, structured content with social media and student publishing for better, student-centric learning. Register for a FREE teacher account: http://K12.30hands.com.

30hands Mobile is a fun storytelling app that allows students, teachers and anyone with creativity to easily create stories or presentations based on photos, images or slides using a smartphone or tablet. Download it FREE from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/30hands/id605013231?ls=1


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