MADPC Event Schedule

The official MADPC schedule is now live and available to all attendees, exhibitors, and presenters. We are using SCHED for our schedule and you can access the full schedule by clicking here.

SCHED boasts a great mobile interface on any tablet or smart phone. If you have an iPhone or iPad you can save the link to your homescreen and it will display the MADPC 2013 logo. SCHED allows users to log in with Twitter and Facebook, or users can sign up with any email address. Once signed up, users can build their personal conference schedule.

Take a few minutes to take a look at all the great sessions, presenters, and descriptions of each session. Some session information is still unavailable, but will post soon.

2013 Massachusetts Digital Publication Event Schedule

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2 thoughts on “MADPC Event Schedule

  1. Looking at the schedule, is every day the same? I am wondering if the content each day in each class is the same or progressive.

    • Hi Linda – MADPC does include some traditional PD sessions with presentations. These are similar each day.

      However, MADPC was built as a collaborative event with content sessions as the foundation. These sessions provide time for teachers to work together on curating and creating digital content that they can use in their classrooms. These sessions are led by the participants of the group – they are not traditional presenter led sessions. The event is three days so that participants can have ample time to create content. Digital content curation and creation takes time.

      Check out the recent post about content area sessions for more details.


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