Use the board below to have pre-conference conversations, organize meet-ups, and develop collaborative session ideas.

MA Digital Pub Collaborative

  1. camille napier bernstein

    Hello there! I am excited to attend the sessions. I’m especially interested in looking at ideas to modernize/digitize our literary magazine. I’m taking over next year and would like to move away from (or add to) the standard print copy of the anthology.

  2. Kathy Dooley

    This event looks great. Is it strictly for administrators or would teachers benefit from attending?

    • Dennis Villano

      The event is actually beneficial for all educators – especially teachers – and IT professionals. Most sessions are led by current teachers using digital technology in their classrooms.

      Dennis Villano

      • Scott Armstrong

        Hello, I am interested in presenting with a colleague annd was wondering where I can sign up and if this option is still available. I was told to contact Dennis and can’t seem to find his email address. You should have mine. Please email me with any information when possible. Thanks

      • Will this seminar/conference be beneficial to a Math Teacher?
        If so, are their specific Math Technology PD sessions

      • Dennis Villano

        Yes, there will be many beneficial sessions that can help teachers of any content area especially if you are using digital tools in your classroom. Day 3 will also feature collaborative sessions for content area teachers. We will have a math group working together on Day 3.

        Dennis Villano

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