Thank you to Exploros for the generous support of the Massachusetts Digital Publication Collaborative. We are very excited to help introduce Exploros to the educational community.

EXPLOROS – revolutionizing educational publishing…

We help teachers find the curriculum they know, trust and love in our online marketplace and then deliver it to their students in a blended environment.  Our platform gives you the tools you need to stage the lesson and manage your digital classroom just as you would in a traditional setting.

We believe the learning experience is the essence of teaching and learning; a teacher’s role is to manage this experience (“how you teach is what you teach”).

As blended and virtual online classrooms become the reality, a new and different educational platform is required to deliver these learning experiences. The platform needs to integrate curriculum and instruction, while taking advantage of the new opportunities created for learning in the digital environment.

Exploros is developing a digital platform for educational experiences that will allow for the combination of curriculum with instructional methods, to be used by the leading curriculum developers and their communities.

Sign up for more information about Exploros.

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